Remembering a Local Legend

Sam Burns was an institution in the house music scene

For more than four decades, Sam "The Man" Burns kept the DC house music scene alive and thriving. He was a community organizer. He was a music and film aficionado. He was an educator and a mentor, He was an activist and an artist. He was a skilled DJ with an impressive musical intuition, knowing exactly how to steer a dance floor into delirium.

Sam was a proud native Washingtonian who was raised in NE DC and graduated from Roosevelt High School, He worked tirelessly on his vision of Washington DC being recognized, respected, and celebrated as a place for house music lovers, culture, and community. Sam was reliable, dependable, and welcoming. People near and far, young and old, and of diverse backgrounds would seek to where Sam would be appearing. He supported and championed anyone who was an artist including photographers, filmmakers, dancers, singers, musicians, and DJs; often providing opportunities for them to shine! Sam passed away on March 7, 2020, (age 62) leaving behind his family; including his only son, Mason (then age 16), and a community of artists and music lovers spanning multiple generations. His family continues to honor his legacy with Sam "The Man" Burns Legacy Foundation.