Gone But Not Forgotten

Help us honor the memory of Sam Burns

For more than forty years, Sam "The Man" Burns kept D.C. residents reveling on the dance floor, getting down to his signature deep house sound. More than just a DJ, Sam was an artist that brought crowds together for generations. He was a mainstay in many iconic dance clubs and a force of good in our community.

On March 7, 2020, Sam passed away, leaving behind his son Mason and a rich tradition of music, activism and love. Sam "The Man" Burns Legacy Foundation works to continue Sam's spirit by supporting musicians and artists. Donate today to help support our local community.

Driven by passion, led by love

At the core of Sam's DJ career was a deep love and respect for music. He was dedicated to his craft and his tracklists could get just about anyone on the dance floor. Sam "The Man" Burns Legacy Foundation is dedicated to helping aspiring artists follow their passion and continue Sam's spirit.